CHANG SHA YUANMEI BEAUTY PRODUCTS CO.,LTD was established in the 2014 year. GOTHLO is a new cosmetics brand owned by the company.

Our Gothlo Is A Company Specializing In The Production Of Wholesale And Retail Makeup Brushes. It Can Not Only Retail, But Also Become Our Affiliates. There Will Be 15%-25% Commissions. For Details, Please Click On The Affiliate Terms To Understand


Gothlo is a futuristic makeup brand that focuses on youthful personalities and fashion trends.

Dare to follow the light, it will shine. Gothlo believes that youth is strength, fearless courage, an upward heart, and the belief of never admitting defeat, together constitute the magnetic field of the same frequency between Gothlo and Generation Z. We meet, hug, and accompany each other to become better versions of ourselves.


“Independent Freshmen”

Since its inception, Gothlo has had a distinctive brand DNA. Adhering to the brand core concept of “fearless, I am the most shining”, we practice bold guesses about the future with the continuous innovation of the new generation of makeup.

Gothlo’s ever-changing design is particularly eye-catching. The future and retro are intertwined with changing creative colours, inspiring users’ endless inspiration, and driving them to walk by the light and shine on their respective stages.


“Retro Future”

In the cyberpunk virtual world constructed by creative makeup, Gothlo is like a channel that connects the past and the future. The first series of “Metaverse” series and “Neon City” series are representative works of future science fiction and retro aesthetics.

In addition to the flamboyant personality, Gothlo always adheres to positivity and positivity. And “accompanying” is the concept that Gothlo wants to convey to users. We want to accompany users in the ever-changing era, follow the light in their hearts, walk the road they want to walk, become the person they want to be, and finally become the shining protagonist on their own stage.